What is beautiful is created by color, lighting and details.  The sense of beauty is inspired from our influences of the world around us and how we perceive it. My photography is a study of the relationship of detail, its interaction with color and lighting to create what is perceptually beautiful.  These images range from extreme close ups, to vast landscape and to dreamlike images.  When deciding what subject to photograph, I usually look for small details that are difficult to see or subjects that are not considered beautiful. Sometimes the detail is the story that the photograph creates.  Other time the detail is the actual action and result that is created through the lens. In addition to detail, light and color are an important role when choosing what to photograph.  These elements create what I feel is in the photograph and what I would like it to portray.  Each series of photographs have a different story.  However, they all embrace the same underlying concept of beauty created through color, lighting and detail.
Project Statements

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