Self Portrait - Hello?

Art has been an intrinsic part of my journey since childhood, influenced by the legacy of my grandfather, a Kodak photographer whose captivating images adorned my grandmother's walls. Guided by my mother, an artist and unwavering supporter, I've been encouraged to explore my creativity from an early age, a bond we continue to share through ongoing art exchanges. My artistic path led me to pursue studies at CU Denver and earn a Master's in Arts from Adams State University. Initially, I delved into wedding and portrait photography before transitioning to teaching and overseeing an art program and gallery, inspired by the remarkable artists I encountered.
After the birth of my first son, I embarked on a solo artistic journey, focusing solely on my craft. Now a mother of two lively boys, I find joy in creating alongside them. As an abstract artist and photographer, my work is a fusion of macro photography, mixed media arts, ceramics, and jewelry making. Through this diverse exploration, I aim to translate texture, shape, and color into tangible representations, intertwined with storytelling. Growing up amidst Colorado's majestic mountains has deeply influenced my artistic sensibilities, infusing my creations with the emotions, memories, and inspirations of my adventures.
In my creative process, I find that the journey itself often takes precedence over the subject matter. Beginning with a feeling or memory, each piece evolves organically as I navigate through the artistic process, becoming a reflection of the emotions and experiences imbued within. From intimate close-ups to expansive landscapes and dreamlike imagery, my art encompasses a broad spectrum, inviting viewers to embark on a journey of exploration and discovery.
I am excited that you have taken the time to visit me.  For the most up to date information follow me on on Instagram.​​​​​​​

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