Self Portrait - Hello?

Art has always been present in my life.  My Grandfather was a photographer and worked at Kodak.  I remember growing up and visiting my Grandmother and being mesmerized with his photographs hanging on the walls.  My mother is an artist and biggest advocate.  She has always encouraged me to explore my art and even today we exchange art tips. I remember receiving my first point and shoot camera in elementary school and took photographs of everything from contents of a trash cans to my friends. I attended college at CU Denver and my Master in Arts at Adams State University.  After graduation I was a wedding and portrait photographer for several years eventually leaving to teach and run an art program and gallery.  Inspired by the amazing artists I worked with, after the birth of my first son I left to pursue my art solely.  I am now a mama of two wild boys that keep me on my feet and enjoy creating art with me.   
"My interest in Photography has something to do with aesthetic, and that there should be beauty in everything." Imogen Cunningham
I am an abstract artist and photographer.  A majority of my work focuses on macro photography, however, over the last few years I have been exploring mixed media arts, Ceramics and Jewelry making.  I am creating a collection of work that explorers texture, shape, color and the translation of it to our world.  I am combining it with storytelling and new forms of representations.  As a Colorado native, I have grown up exploring our beautiful mountains, and incorporating the feelings, memories and inspirations of my adventures into my work.  When choosing what to create, I find that it is more about the process and my feeling towards the process that create the work. I often start off with a feeling or memory of the subject and as I flow through the creation, the art becomes more about the process and memory/feeling than it actually does of the subject.  My art ranges from extreme close ups, to vast landscape and to dreamlike images.
I am excited that you have taken the time to visit me.  For the most up to date information follow me on on Instagram.​​​​​​​

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